Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chick Study Day One

Den is getting a little bit bored with our usual schooling materials, so I decided it is time to detour. Last month I downloaded Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock from Freebie Of The Day, I decided to give it a try since we have not had much hand on in nature study (Im very much a city bookworm...not the outdoor type...)

For Bird study, the author suggested to use a hen. The way I see it will be more fun to raise a bb chick than getting a full grown hen....and much easier since we are living in an apartment! After asking for help in getting chicks in FB, a friend volunteered to get 2 chicks for us from her hometown! We were overjoy for I have no idea where to get bb chicks in KL/PJ.

2 kampung bb chicks arrived at our place yesterday. We decided to put them in a box since we will only be keeping them for 2 weeks...as I mentioned it will be hard to keep 2 full grown chicken in apartment! 

There were many things happened yesterday and we did not get to really study them until today. 

Today after her ballet class in the morning, Den spent 2 hours study/observe/play with the chicks. We took them out of the box and let them walked freely at our wash area. Den kept them company for 2 hours until I had to put a stop and asked her to come in for lunch. That's how she is, she really really likes animals and have lots of patient with them. 

After lunch, we discuss about different parts of a feather- Quill, Barb and Fluff; functions of feathers and why male bird's feathers is usually much prettier than female bird (I also printed out some pictures of other birds to show her)(Lesson 1 and 2 from the handbook). This is what she drew in her book:

Since Easter is coming, we have been spending time talking about Jesus last week on Earth. Today we focused on the promises of Jesus from Gospel of John. Tomorrow we will focus on the parables that Jesus told. 

She watched Goodtv in the evening and after dinner we study Chinese.

P/S: for those of you who are interested in reading the handbook online, you can go to Google Book, then type "Nature StudyBy Anna Botsford Comstock".

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