Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Princess Club 1st meeting

2nd May 2011 On our way to dinner, Den (stuck in the traffic jam and was bored) decided she wanted to start a Princess club. She named her self the president and asked me for permission to have the meeting in our house. I agreed (thinking of all the organizing skills and new vocab she will learn in the process!).

She wrote her opening speech all by her self right after dinner. She also wrote the opening speech for the 2nd meeting as well! When I asked her why did she write the speech (I was very surprised!), she said, "my friends might not feel welcome if I do not welcome them properly." ^^
Princess Club 1st meeting: The president Opening Speech

Princess Club 2nd meeting: opening speech

She also set the rules for the club:

She was indecisive on rules no 5

At first I thought my hubby help her out with the spelling and he thought I help her out. It turn out she wrote all these all by her self! I was very impressed!

She told me who to invite...I have to help her to narrow down...she would prefer me to just post it in FB and invite the whole world! ^^ 

She also plan the itinerary of the 1st meeting..I'm surprised she did not write it down:

3:00-3:30 Arrival of guess; Start meeting with speech and rules
3:30-4:00 Make a Mother's day card
4:00-4:30 Tea Time
4:30-5:30 Movie
530-6:00 Play time

Two of her friends cant make it to the 1st meeting. One of them called her up on 5th May to let her know she cant make it. Den told her friend she need to come earlier the following meeting so that Den can brief her on what she has missed on the first meeting!!!! (I was like!!! That sounded just like me!!!^^)

4 princesses turn up on 7th May (including Den) and they had a blast~! Very successful 1st meeting and everyone is asking when is the next will depend on our unpredictable schedule!

Den help me make the cake and set the table.

Everyone worry Den has no enough socialization since she is the single child and schooled at home. From this experience, I would say she has shown very good social and leadership skill!

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