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24 Feb 2011

Wow Im actually blogging today schooling on the same day! Patting my self on the back! ^^

It was a good school day. Den woke up early at 930am because she was excited about what we were going to learn today (will talk more about this later). I made French Toast for breakfast and while I washed up and cutting vegetables for lunch, she practiced piano.

We started school at 11:30am. We learned a new verse today, week 19 verse -
Seek Ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  ~Matthew 6:33
I taught her a song of this verse we used to sing in church. She learns faster in song and the most important thing is she can remember song much longer than just memorizing verse. 

It is not an easy verse to explain, I tried but not sure I did a good job. The two stories we read from I heard Good News Today were good demonstrations. Today we read about Annie Funk, an American missionary in India who was on board on S. S. Titanic. She gave her seat on the life boat to a mother. She die when the ship sank. 

Another story about Lucy Jamison, a Chinese Christian who was imprisoned for 20 years by the communists because she refused to denounced her faith.  

When Den led the prayer later (we take turn), she prayed that we will be like Annie Funk, willing to give up our lives for others. So I think she is getting the meaning of the verse. ^^

After Bible study and prayer, we watched 7 short science experiment episode about plant from Discover & Do DVD (Sonlight K Science week 17 & 19). We still have not decided if we are going to do the growing bean experiment because with our travelling back and forth, who is going to water our plant for us while we are gone?

After Science, we did review on Chinese. Den still confused about 五(five, she wrote five exactly opposite! mirror image!) and 九 (nine), so I let her wrote this two words as copy work. We also learn 里(inside) and 外(outside) today. She did some worksheets on these.

 I read a picture book for her - 世界为谁存在? (Who is the world for? by Tom Pow). Beautifully written but not easy for Den to understand because there are lots of descriptive words.

Last night I went through my bookshelves looking for books for her to read today...since she finished the two we got from SG library...and I found Shel Silverstein' books from my own collection. I never shared with her before because I think it was not suitable for her then.

I choose to read a few poems for her from Shel Silverstein's A Light In The Attic. My book is actually bilingual. So I read the poems in Chinese for her first then I reread in English. She loved them and she tried to "steal" the book from me so that she can read all the poem in English her self. I refused to give it up because once she read the poem in English, she will not let me read in Chinese for her!! Instead, I gave her another Shel Silverstein's book - A Giraffe and a Half. Since this one is only in English. I told her she can read after she finished her homework. She did. Her commented after she read, "this author is just like Dr. Seuss!" Since she loves Dr. Seuss, so I supposed she loves Shel Silverstein too.

After Chinese lesson, we read Mother Goose...we are kind of behind on this (but very much ahead with The Llama Who Had No Pajama, so you can tell which is our favorite!).. so we played catch up today and read 6 pages. We also started on Come Look With Me - Animal In Art. 

After that, I introduce CLP LA 103-Lesson 1 to her. It was quite easy, just learning question words like could, would, etc. I let her worked on the worksheets her self (and Yamaha homework) while I cooked lunch - rice with 2 dishes of vegetables. No meat for lunch since we are going to have lots of meat at dinner.

After lunch, we did a very interesting project - the reason for Den to woke up so early and being so good with all the homework and schooling, so that she would have enough time to work on this project before her ballet class - she was going to be a paleontologist today!

Yesterday I brought an Excavation Kit from ToysRus for less than RM16 (after 70% off, I felt like a paleontologist finding hidden treasure already! ^^) Den was super excited about this and cant wait to start on the project even though she knew she wont be able to finish it today. I told her she can work on it if we finished school early today. We did. 

The kit came with a plaster pyramid (with treasures hidden in it - a mummy coffin and 4 Canopic jars), tools (Chisel, hammer, brushes) for digging the hidden treasure and 5 tiny pots of paint for coloring the coffin and jars after you dig them up. 

It was not easy to chip away the plaster pyramid, after working on it for about 45 min (with some help from me with a real hammer and chisel!), she finally managed to excavated one of the Canopic jar (but not the cap) and she also managed to broke the pyramid into half and the coffin and the other 3 jars are visible now. All four caps are still missing in action. 

Yes! Found the first jar!!! Then the next!

The coffin and the other 3 jars are visible now!

I had to put a stop on this at 330pm, so that we can clean up for ballet classes.

After class, we brought duck for dinner (left over will be for the super nice duck porridge! Yum!) and since it was a quite night in and she had not watch any TV for the last two days, I promised to let her watch a cartoon   DVD of her choice tonight. She choose Tinkle Bell. I did some house chore when she watched.

After movie, she did her devotion and got ready for bed. I read a chapter of 绿林小子 (The Everygreen Wood by Linda & Alan Parry) for her. It is an adaptation of the Pilgrim's Progress for children. The language is way too deep for Den but she just loves that book, so we have been going through a chapter a night (I have to paraphrase and explain almost every sentence! So a chapter is the most that I can take in a night!!!)

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