Thursday, February 24, 2011

23 Feb 2010

Den and I traveled back to MLY on Mon (22 Feb 2011). We did not have any sit down schooling but we did review on the road, I still think this is one of the fantastic thing about homeschooling, we usually get our review done during travelling - in the bus, cab, MRT, etc.

We reviewed on 2 & 3 times tables, Chinese- shapes, etc.

She also started and finished  Ronald Dahl - The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me in the bus (from the moment we went up the bus til we cross the border, I was very impressed with the speed!...and worry what she is going to read for 2 weeks in MLY) She loved the book and was laughing like a mad lady while reading it. ^^

She started another book - My Naughty Little Sister during dinner but I refused to let her continue after the food was served. If given the choice, she would have read and eat at the same time (and think it is so heavenly....a bad habit learned

Yesterday (Tuesday 22 Feb 2011) I had some trouble with my car and spent the whole day pretty much sending her to various classes (2 ballet and 1 Yamaha) and fixing my car problems (that is another interesting story, may be I should blog about it next time...might get arrested by ISA though...).

Den stayed in my mom place between classes. I left a 3 worksheets for her to work on:

1. CLP LA 102 Lesson 11: It is more like a self check than a lesson. It cover the various topics we learned and prepare the student for the test. She answer all the question correctly but make so many careless mistakes that she ended up with only 82/100. For example -when she was asked to underline, she circle! She missed out a whole section even though she knew the answer.

2. Enchanted English Key Stage 1 - I blog about this a few months back when we first started using this (you can read about it here) and have been progressing very slowly because I usually only let her do this when I cant afford to supervise her.

3. Four Times Table.

Today (Wed 23 Feb 2011) was no better than yesterday. In the morning I brought my little niece to the hospital for check up and vaccination. Then afternoon Den went to her eye therapy. So we only had a very small window of time in between. She managed to finished CLP LA 102 test and a copy work. She scored 90/100 because once again she circle instead of underline a whole section...10 marks! And before you asked, yes she know the word underline!!!

She also managed to finish reading My Naughty Little Sister and started and finished Usborne Beginners series - Under The Sea (part of Sonlight Science program). What book should I let her read tomorrow???? 

At night I read a chapter of a Chinese book before she sleep.

I am looking forward to the next 3 days, we should have more time to study then the past 3 days (crossing my fingers...).

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