Friday, February 18, 2011

17 Feb 2011

This is what we did yesterday (Wednesday):

1. Reading: Den was in reading mood and she ended up spending more than 2 hours in her room reading. We borrowed 5 books from the library last Sat and she finished them all. This is the book list:

Book Name
Sharon Creech
Love That Dog
Alan Durant
Diary of A tooth Fairy
Ronald Dahl
The Enormous Crocodile
Francesca Simon
Horrid Henry’s House of Horrors
Francesca Simon
Horrid Henry shows who’s boss

2. Eye exercise

3. Christian stories and prayer - From I Heard Good News Today, we read about Toyohiko Kagawa, a Japanese seminary student who decided to live in the worst slum of Japan and worked along side with drunkard, gambler, thieves and murderers so that he can share the love of Christ with them.

We also read about how two Indian believers from a remote village longing for missionary to go to their village to share gospels and taught their children about Christ. Finally, after many disappointments, they managed to convince Ezra Steiner, a missionary, went with them to their village and started a church. Years later, there were thousands of believers in that area.

4. History - We read about WWI in Children Encyclopedia. We did not have the time to go into the internet links yet. I'm still debating how in depth I want to go into this. It is going to be a balancing act, I want to let Den understand the cruelty of war and yet I do not want to scare her or make her depressed.

The book Twenty and Twelve came into mind, we should have read it now and not before! It would be a perfect tie in with WWI and WWII. I love that book, I think it balance very well the cruelty of war and the humanity. May be we can reread it.

5. Chinese Lessons -

a. Read Aloud - 露露的恶作剧 (LuLu- Grenadine Fait Des Blagues) It is about April Fools day. I realize I have not been teaching Den some of the sub-holidays (for us!). 

I mean she is aware of New Year, Lunar New Year, Easter, Hari Raya (Muslim), Deepavali (Hindu), Thanksgiving and Christmas but not Valentine's Day (just taught her a few days ago), April Fools' Day, Labor Day and, National Day (did I missed anything?) I don't think we need to cover St. Patrick's Day since almost no one celebrate that over least we dont know anyone who do. May be this year, I need to make it a point to put them into our study. 

b. Learning new vocabs about Park - Like 公园 (park),跑步(jogging),散步 (walking),运动 (exercise),休息 (rest). 

c. Quiz 听写 - 四 (four),五 (five),六 (six),七 (seven),八 (eight),九 (nine),十(ten)

d. Review Shapes

6. CLP Language Art 102 lesson 9 - We learned "Ve" Rule - If a v come before e at the end of a word, the vowel can be long, short or the sound of  /Ə/ - in other word, the vowel before ve is pretty much guess work! ^^ 

7. Copywork

8. Piano Practice

9. Playground

Today (Thurs) we met up with a friend for lunch. Den did her math home worksheets when we were talking. I checked her work just now, she only make one mistake. This is the question:

A fruiterer sold oranges in boxes. On Monday, he sold 4 boxes of oranges. On Tuesday and Thursday, he sold 3 boxes each day. He sold 5 boxes of oranges on Wednesday. On Friday, he sold 2 boxes. How many boxes of oranges did he sell altogether? 

The correct answer should be 4+3+3+5+2= 17 but she wrote 4+3+5+2 = 14 - she either does not understand the concept of "each day" or it is a careless mistake. I have not had the time to talk to her yet. Will go through with her tomorrow.

There is another question she doesn't know how to do. I promised to work with her tomorrow. This is the question:

Tomorrow is Friday and the date is 20 September. 
(a) Last Thursday was __________ September.
(b) Five days from today is _______ September.

She just starting to understand how the calender work last month, so this is a bit advance for her. 

After lunch we went to the library and borrow 7 books for her. She finished one (Daisy Trouble With Live by Kes Gray) before dinner. I was hoping to bring along 2 books back to MLY next week....but the rate she is going, she might finish all before that. I know I should not is really hard to keep up with her reading in MLY without SG library!

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