Sunday, February 20, 2011

19 Feb 2011

This is what we did yesterday (Friday):

1. Piano Practice & Yamaha Homework

2. Eye Exercise

3. Christian Story and Prayer: Read a story about Peace from 圣灵水果屋 (House of Spiritual Fruit I)

4. Chinese Lesson - 
a. Review Shapes and worksheets on shapes -正方形 (square),长方形(rectangle),圆形(circle),椭圆形 (oval),三角形(Triangle) - we have been through this so many time but the vocabs dont seems to stick (when she know her shapes in English since she was 2 years old~! )

b. Review - 四 (four),五 (five),六 (six),七 (seven),八 (eight),九 (nine),十(ten)

5. CLP Language Art 102-Lesson 10 - We learned new consonant digraph today - WH

6. English Comprehension Workbook for Primary 1- Hand me down from my landlady. In every worksheets, Den need to read a short story and then work on the corresponding questions (some multiple choice and some open-ended) I let her work on it from time to time (usually when I don't have time to work with her and have to leave her to do her own thing). So far she has not much of problem. 

7. One sudoku

8. Copy work

9. Goodtv- Christian value cartoon in Chinese

It was a busy day for me and I did not have much time to sit down and school her, so as you can see, she did more worksheets instead. 

We usually don't do any study (except Read Aloud story books) at night because it is the time to spend with dad dad. However, since my hubby was having a very long conference call that evening, Den and I continue to study. 

We spent about an hour with a very very good World War I interactive game call Over The Top. It is an online adventure game that allows the player to experience life in the trenches during WW I - the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of trench warfare. The player is asked to make crucial decisions from time to time. The decisions will impact the survival rate of the player. The objective of the game is to make good decision and survive the war.

I really enjoyed the game and at the same time learned a lot about trench warfare (I never like war movie/ my war knowledge is very limited). I thought it show the brutality of war but at time same time it was not too scary...but I was wrong. Den seemed to enjoy the game even though she was very afraid to make wrong decision at the beginning. She was getting rather decisive later into the game. So I thought she was OK with it....until bed time!

She has been sleeping in her room by her self since Oct last year. Hubby and I will stay in her room for awhile, saying thank you to each other and pray together. Then my hubby will leave her room. I will stay with her a bit longer, talking a bit more and then I will give her a foot massage. I will leave her room right after that even if she is not asleep yet. She has no problem with that since last Oct...but yesterday, she told me she was afraid...she can still hear the bomb (sound effect from the game...believe me the sound volume was very low) and her blanket smell like fire! 

So I stayed with her until she fallen asleep and I decided not to continue other internet links that suggested by the Children Encyclopedia. She went to sleep by her self just now without any problem. Having said that, I think the links provided by the Children Encyclopedia are very good, so if your child is not as sensitive as Den, you can check out these too:

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