Friday, March 25, 2011

Den's drawing progress Part III

I realized I have not been updating Den's drawing progress. Believe me it is not because she stop drawing! Ive more than a whole shelve of drawing...and not to mention the one I threw away secretly...Shhhhh! The last couple of days has been rather stressful - Den and I had food poisoning, Den first ballet exam, etc etc and I need some cheering up. Her drawing always cheer me up, so here you go:

May 2010 Girl in high heels

May 2010 Girls with cross necklaces 

May 2010 Girl in pigs' farm

May 2010 Elephant

May 2010 Cute house

May 2010 Swam lake

May 2010 Dancing

May 2010 more dad & mom's wedding

June 2010 Our apartment on the 9th floor

July 2010 Girl in veil

July 2010 Native American

Aug 2010 Tree of knowledge/Garden of Eden

Oct 2010 EE dancing in KY's wedding

Oct 2010 curly hair

Oct 2010 more wedding...I should start a new collection on wedding drawing!

Oct 2010 girls with scary teeth

Nov 2010 Girls

Dec 2010 a big hole on the ground

22 March 2011 My favorite - Den got a new pair of glasses that day!

27 March 2011 The Royal family and their pets- unicorns!

27 March 2011 Who am I?

March 2011 Barbie, she color Barbie and designed 3 new dresses
03 April 2011 Princess Den sing a song and bring a flower for her mommy Queen

03 April 2011 Mommy Queen and Princess Den

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