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Lesson with 4 years old XE on 19 March

I probably should have blog about what we did on Mon, Wed and Fri but I think there are more readers out there waiting for I decided to do this first.

If you read my blog from last year, you should be quite familiar with XE, the little one who used to come over to our house twice weekly whenever we were in SG. A few of you have responded and said you liked what I did with her in a series of lessons with a 3.5 years old  (please see 2010 archives)  and you when you used the same lessons with your kids, they responded positively. I am very happy to hear that. I hope those lessons can be served as examples and you can progress from there.

XE turn 4 two weeks ago and she started going to kindergarten this year, so she is no longer coming over unless it is a school holiday like this week.

We actually went to the Art & Craft Exhibition and the library 5th anniversary celebration together but she was very reserved in both occasions and did not want to participate. That make me a bit worry about today (19 March! It took me two days to finish this!!) lesson. I was worry may be since she had not been to our house for sometime, she might need times to warm up (is like starting all over again!). However, when she turn up at our apartment today, she was not shy at all and acted as if she has been here everyday! I was very pleased.

XE was late today, so we did not get to do all the things I planned. However we had a very good time together. Our theme today is Pride. 

(A)We started off with the memory verse. 

Don't do anything out of selfish ambition. Don't do it because you are proud. Instead, be free of pride. Think of others as better than yourselves.  ~ Philippians 2:3

It was not an easy verse to remember but added with actions and a few repetitions, they managed to remember most of it. I explained the verse and we prayed.

(B)We used the following videos from Youtube as Praise and worship:

1. Jesus Loves Me (Go fish version. I love Go fish songs!)
3. My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong)
4. 恩典之路 (The Journey of Grace -Den fallen in love with this song after she sang it in our MLY Sunday School)

As you can see there were lots of jumping and dancing, so by the time we were at the last songs we were all out of breath! But what a fun time to shout and dance and praise our all mighty God together! May be I should do this more often with Den.

(C) Story: Emperor's New Clothes - Since we are going to study this as a one off lesson, I decided to let them watch a Youtube Movie instead of reading from book. We watch the first one but may be you will like the second one better:

As mention previously, most of the lessons I did with XE were taken from Lesson Pathway (if you haven't check it out, you really should!) Language Art. In its' Emperor's New Clothes lesson plan, it also include a few interesting links we did not have the time to use:

Read story here
Read and listen to story here

If I do this as two part lessons like I usually do, I will use the read aloud in the first lesson and only let them watch the video on the 2nd lesson.

After the lesson, we talked about out how foolish were the adults, all of them were so proud and would not want to be looked down by others and thus fallen into the trap. Only the little child said what he see! We prayed together and asked God to help us to see others better than ourselves.

(D) Lunch Break

(E) Craft -
Before we did our craft, we read about how the author of Emperor's New Clothes, Hen Christian Anderson like to do paper cutting! He carried with him a scissor everywhere he went. That is new for me too. The link is here.

So in the tradition of Anderson, we did paper cutting too! 

I preprinted paper dolls and different hair styles for them to cut and paste (link is here). Den was cutting really well and I did not have to help her at all. XE was much better compared to last year, a few months can really make a lot of differences especially to a young child. I still have to help her to cut some of the more difficult part. 

Both of them chosen the same hair style for their dolls (XE wanted to follow the big jie jie!).

After that, I help them drew the dress and crown (according to what they wanted) for them to cut and color/designed. These are the final products:
XE's doll
Den's doll
Thats all we had the time to do! There are some other very interesting things listed in Pathway Lessons that I wished we had more time to do them:

(i) Invisible Art from (I cut and pasted this fun activity here)

What You Need:
·         4 tablespoons baking soda
·         4 tablespoons water
·         Small bowl
·         Q-tip or cotton ball
·         Sheet of white paper
·         Watercolor paint
·         Paint brush

What You Do:
1.       Mix the baking soda with the water thoroughly in the bowl.
2.       Lay out the sheet of paper in front of your child and hand her a Q-tip.
3.       Have her dip the Q-tip in the baking soda mixture and paint an "invisible" picture on the paper. In the spirit of The Emperor's New Clothes, encourage her to paint a picture of the Emperor in his brand new outfit. Just like in the story, it's invisible!

4.       Set the painting aside until it's completely dry.
5.       Once dry, have her paint the picture with watercolors. Watch her eyes light up as the Emperor's clothes magically appear. Unlike in the story, these clothes turned out to be real after all!

 (ii) Read and play dress up game at here

Hope you will have as much fun as we did!

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