Monday, October 31, 2011

iPad Apps

Quite a few of you have asked me to post all the apps that I use in my iPad here, so here you go. Please take note that this is as of 30 Oct 2011, I upload/delete my apps on daily basis. I don't have the time to go into detail, so check them out your self. Many of them are paid apps but have free version, so make sure you download the free versions and try them out first before you purchase.

A) Utility:
1. AppAdvice - very useful for the updates on iPad and its apps. It has pc version FOC here.

2. Pocket Expenses - I use this to keep track all my expenses.

3. Sinchew-i - Read 星洲日报 online, FOC

4. CineXPlayer - to transfer and play avi movie.

5. Penultimate - for note writing

6. Facebook - for FB, FOC

7. Blogger - for blogging in blogger, FOC

8. MY Traffic Free- Lite version (that mean Free version) to check out the traffic on major highway in Malaysia.

9. - FOC. My favorite dictionary apps.

B) Bible:

1. YouVersion - Great free app but need to pay for offline NIV (however NIV offline is free from today for 48 hours!). In order to write note, you need to be online.

2. NIV Bible By Tecarta- I opt to purchase this apps because it allow me to keep my note offline. It also come with study note.

3. 荒漠甘泉 - FOC

4. TheProverbProject - Read from my previous posting here.

5. LivingWord - FOC for verse memorizing

6. THEO - video about faith. First episode free.

7. Where's Jesus - puzzle game to find Jesus. FOC

C. Homeschool:

1. Homeschool Magazine - seems like it is not available for MLY account. If you have oversea account, then try it out. It come with 3 free issues.

2. Common Core Standard - FOC. Listed out the common core standard for each grade.

D. Math

1. Math Board - Read from my previous posting here.

2. Math Kingdom - Fun but a bit easy math game. K2 to Grade 1. FOC

3. Math Word Problems - FOC

4. iMathematics - FOC. It give you almost all the formula and definition you need in mathematics. Way above Den's level but good to have.

5. Sudoku - FOC

6. Nxtapp 4 kids -FOC.

7. Oh No! Fraction - FOC. Above Den level, so we have not use it yet but looks like a good tool to use for learning fraction.

E. Chinese

1.  Easy Chinese - Top Chart - FOC

Below are the list of animated Chinese books I find interesting. All are FOC:

1. 动物百科故事绘本12合1 - One of our favorite

2. 神笔马良

hmm...this is taking too long....ok, I change my mind and not going to list out all the Chinese books we use, instead, this is what you can do - Go to your iTune, then select iTunes Store (on the Left panel), after that on the Right hand upper conner, key in the company listed below one by one and it should give you lots and lots of Chinese books, some free and some pay. Check them out your self:

1. RYE

2. Childhood Fine Art

3. QLL

Please take note, many of this apps are bilingual(some even have 4 languages), so you can select Chinese or English (after you downloaded)

F. English Books

1. Bartleby's Book of Button Vol. 1

2. Disney Comic

G. Music

1. Note Goal Pro - Read from my previous posting here.

2. Ear Trainer Lite - I did not purchase the full version. This is the FOC version.

3. Chord Picker - FOC

4. Virtuoso - piano, FOC

5. Praise Hymns - FOC

6. Musical instruments by Tidel - FOC

7. Pluto Music - FOC fun game

H. Other Good Edu Apps we enjoy:

1. Star Walk

2. Toontastic - Making animation

3.  Free Spelling - FOC

4. Brain POP -FOC

5. Solar System Fun - FOC in Chinese only

6. 中国史年表 -FOC

7. Picture Book - FOC

I. Puzzle and Board Games that we enjoy:

1. Monopoly Here & Now, World edition

2. UNO

3. Chess Knight Free -FOC

4. Chinese Checkers -FOC

5. Checkers -FOC

6. Four In A Row -FOC

7. Backgammon Free -FOC

8. Ant Work -FOC

9. Monorail -FOC

10. Word Jewels -FOC

11. Doodle Fit -FOC

12. U connect Lite  -FOC

13. Tangram -FOC

14. Match Puzzle -FOC

J. Other games that we enjoy:

1. Birzzle - we downloaded the Lite version before we purchase the full version but now I cant find the Lite version any where. 

2. Cut The Rope Lite -FOC

3. Cut The Rope, Christmas Edition - Dont seems to be able to locate this.

4. Cordy -FOC

5. Talking Roby -FOC

6. Baby Adopter -FOC


8. Jack of All Tribes -FOC

9. My Horse -FOC

10. Princess Party -FOC

11. Make me a Princess Lite -FOC

12. Sara's Pretty Pet Parlour Lite -FOC

13. Disney Fairies Lite -FOC

Please take note that a lot of the free apps come with In Apps Purchase, so make sure you don't give out your account password to your kids or else.....^^


  1. thanks for thus post DJ. unfortunately me no Ipad yet, but looking at these links you've put up, I'm more convinced that it'll be a good investment. :)

  2. Honestly I think it is rather expensive, if my dad did not get one for Den....I don't think I would have buy one. However, once I use it, Im totally hooked.