Saturday, October 29, 2011

22 Oct 2011

My DH and I went to Cambodia for 5 days and left Den with my parents. I prepared a present for her for each day we are gone (2 Thea Stilton, 1 Winx, 1 Sparkle World and 1 assorted board games). I also gave her study works to do each day:

1. Piano Practice
2. iPad - Note Goal Pro and Math Board
3. TimeTable worksheets
4. Chinese 500 (5 chapters per day and practice writing a new word a day)
5. 1 poem page a day
6. 2 Brain Olympiad puzzles a day.

After she finished her work each day, she can open her present and watch GoodTV. She did managed finished all the assigned works and I really like her poems.

Below are some of her poems (Words given in the worksheet are in BOLD):

The Storm
I feel the wind blowing
I see raindrop here and there
I hear the storm going like this - BOOM! BOOM!
Time to go home!
Yes! Go home!
It's raining! Oh! Help!

Hard and Easy
Its hard to do cooking (now)
but it's easy to do homework (now)

Its hard to take care of baby (now)
but it's easy to read (now)

Some things are easy, some are hard, some are in between. 
Some things are hard 'cause I'm 6+ years old. 
They'll be easy when I'm seventeen.

Picnic In The Park
I see tress and grass
I shoo away bees and ants
I munch on butter on bread
I eat lots of cake and cream
We play swing and sand
We play ball and skip
Darn-it's time to leave the park,
because it's really getting dark!

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