Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lesson with a 3.5 years old part 5

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Lesson 8: 11 Nov 2010

1130am-12:00pm Bible: God wants me to be kind

1. Introduce Bible verse and tell Bible story
  • Introduce Bible Verse– “Be Kind to one another ~ Eph 4:32”
  • Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan Read from Pray and Play Bible 2 (pg 126)
  • Sing Good Samaritan song (lyric and act out the story
  • Discuss: Who is your friend? (Explain that Jesus wants us to be kind and gentle to everyone.)
  • Talk about physically or emotionally hurt and how we can help.
  • Pray together and listen
2. P&W
  • Draw a happy face on Left index finger and a sad face on Right index finger. Sing:
(tune: where is Thumbkin?)
Here is my friend, here is my friend (move sad finger)
She is sad, she is sad
I can be kind and gentle, I can be kind and gentle (move happy finger)
We are friends, we are friends (Put fingers together)

(Tune: if you happy and you know it)
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it say Amen x2
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it then your life will surely show it.
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it say Amen!
1200-1210pm Chinese:
1. Review and learn some new feeling words in Chinese  – 高兴/快乐,伤心,生气,害怕,害羞, 紧张

2. Making sentences using the feeling words in Chinese

3. Read Aloud: 露露有些伤心

12:10-12:15 Story: Princess and the Pea (Usborn Young Reader version):
1. Tell the story or listen to CD * Den loves the CD but it was too long and too challenging for the 3.5 years old XE, so we only listened to the first 2 chapters.

2. Center Message: A real princess is Kind & Gentle, Polite and has sensitive skin.

12:15-12:45pm Worksheets:
12:45-2pm Lunch and break

2:00-2:20pm Craft: Make caterpillar story book for the Good Samaritan story

2:20-2:30pm Phonic: Letter P
2:30-2:45 Individual Worksheets:

 12 Nov 2010

1130am-1200pm Bible Review
1. watch Video of the Good Samaritan

2. Looking for Bible Verse:  Use 6 bandages. On each bandage write one word of the Bible verse. Hide the bandage and let kids look for them. Once they find them all, line them up in order and say the verse again.

3.Game: Draw a sad face on a tissue for each kid. Place the tissues on the floor. At the sound of  “go”, kids pick up the tissues and throw them in the air. Ask them to keep their tissues in the air. If tissues hit the floor they keep picking them up and tossing them in the air. As they throw the tissues up in the air have them shout out, “I can be kind and gentle” (need be gentle in action in order to keep the tissue in the air and yet not break it)12:00-12:10pm Chinese:
  • Review: 害怕,害羞,紧张
  • Read:方格子老虎

12:10-12:45pm Princess & the pea Review:

1. Retelling a different version from My Own Stories

2. Dressing up and acting out the story

3. Let XE and Den retelling the story using the picture from the book.

4. Introduce different print material used in the Usborn Young Reader – Recipe, map, sign. Introduce other print material- Picture books, letter, magazine, newspaper, advertisement: Talk about the purpose of each items and how it convey the information. Talk about how advertisement try to make its products looks wonderful so that you will want to buy them.

5. Den: Make a chart of all the different type of printing material she see or (can find) in a day:


12:45-1pm worksheets
1pm-2pm Lunch and Free Play

2pm-2:20pm Newspaper

1. Learn about newspaper industry from Things that people do

2.Sing Newspaper song
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)
The reporter gets the news x2
Hi ho the reporter
The reporter gets the news

The photographer takes the picturex2

3. New words to learn:
• headline, article, editor, reporter, newspaper, photographer, recycle

• Chinese words –报纸,广告,记者,摄影师

2:20-2:30. Phonic Review

P word dance with kids

• Use playdoh to make P


  1. Hello! I love the Kindness Caterpillar that you made and I think it would be an awesome craft for my kids at church on Wednesday nights. Do you happen to have the graphics that you could email me?

    1. Hi, im so sorry, I just saw your comment. Do you still need the graphic? If yes, I will try to look for it. However Im away from home now and will be awhile before I can get back to you.